Attorneys of Palmer Kazanjian regularly counsel employers on compliance with laws and prevention of litigation. Moreover, the firm is committed to ensuring its clients stay abreast of changes in the law, and to that end, publish complimentary articles distributed via e-mail and available on our web site.

Our attorneys regularly provide training seminars for managers, HR professionals and/or the workforces at the companies’ places of business. These are tailored to each organization’s needs. Representative seminars include:

  • Avoiding Claims of Harassment — Interactive Manager Training
  • Avoiding Claims of Harassment — Interactive Employee Training
  • Handling Medical Issues in the Workplace: Manager Training
  • Everything Employers Need to Know About Employment Law in
  • Time Off in California: State and Federal Laws on Employee
    Leave, Vacations and Holidays
  • Disability Discrimination: What Employers Need to Know to Avoid
    Employee Claims
  • AB2222 Roundtable – A Discussion on Dealing with Expanded
    Disability Discrimination Law
  • Employment Law Update: Equal Employment Opportunity Law
  • Arbitration of Employment Disputes: Benefits and Limitations
  • Special Employment Law Update for HR Professionals
  • Avoiding Liability for Unlawful Employment Practices
    (Harassment, Wrongful Termination, Wage & Hour Issues)
  • AB60: The 8-Hour Restoration & Workplace Flexibility Act
  • EPLI Coverage and Employment Torts
  • Integration of Benefits/Integration of Rights; the Injured/Disabled
  • Employment Related Records in California
  • The Employment Law Audit: Creating a Shield Against
    Employment-Related Claims
  • The Nature of a Retaliation Action
  • Independent Contractor or Employer
  • Employment Discrimination & Sexual Harassment — Beyond the
  • Wrongful Termination Law for Managers
  • Violence in the Workplace: Why Management Needs to Have a Place

indexharassPeriodically we offer sexual harassment prevention training for managerial personnel of companies with 50 employees or more which fall under the mandate of Govt. Code 12950.1. This training is conducted at our offices at 520 Capitol Mall and is open to anyone. The instructor is a senior employment law litigator who delivers information not merely pro forma, but cutting edge. Accordingly, this training is geared for employers serious about preventing costly litigation.

The cost is $200 per person or $900 for five to fifteen people representing the same employer. To be notified of our next session, please contact our admin at (916) 340-2854 or