Thank You for Attending Our May 16, 2017 Seminar!

Seminar Presented by Palmer Kazanjian Wohl Hodson LLP in Partnership with Robert Sanders, Attorney at Law

Thank you for attending our Employment Law for Health Practice Owners seminar, which was held on May 16th, 2017, in partnership with Robert Sanders, Attorney at Law.  We hope the presentation was informative and useful in providing you with the latest in employment and labor law compliance.

The following topics were covered:
  1. Employment Law Basics
  2. Practical Solutions for avoiding the hazards commonly associated with the employment relationship in health care practices
  3. Maintaining workable personnel policies and practices
  4. Valuing the independent contractor relationship
  5. Planning employee compensation, benefits, and incentives

The presentation slides are available below:

Part 1 Presentation Slides

Part 2 Presentation Slides

Part 3 Presentation Slides

We will be providing various seminars throughout 2017 on a variety of employment and labor law topics.  If you would like to receive legal updates and invitations to participate in our upcoming  employment and labor law update seminars, please Join our mailing list.  For inquiries, e-mail or contact us at 916-442-3552.